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January 2, 2012 / magickittenblogs

Sher-locked! (Beware spoilers)

“Sherlock returns” said the teasers, and what a return it was. A fantastic modernisation of a classic intrigue case, featuring the only woman (or human, in fact) to get the better of Holmes.
And, by the way, in the original, she does it without a tip-off from any other interested parties, preserving her kickass credentials to the end.

Lara Pulver smouldered her way through the episode as Irene Adler, a sort of sexy upgrade of her character in the final season of Spooks. Men everywhere will be left with the image of that black lace cat suit for a long time to come… (NOTE: men, it’s a month and a half till Valentine’s – check measurements, shop wisely online, be very very good, and who knows…) And is it only me who now has a very different mental image of Kate Middleton? The switch from some minor German nobles to a Royal closer to home was spot on, some Americans got busted up (always a vote-winner), and the Bond/WW2 refs were perfectly in tune with the air of trust-no-one that permeates the series.

Freeman and Cumberbatch made a great team again, as expected, and I enjoyed the development of the Sherlock/Mycroft dynamic too. The script was sharp and witty, funny but engaging too, even for someone who’d read the original cases, so knew the rough direction of the plot. In fact, I really appreciated the references to some of Holmes’ other ‘greatest hits’ – a nice treat for the avid readers among us. I also particularly liked some of the throwaway lines – “Did he take the cigarette?” “Yes…”; “What might we deduce about his heart?” “I don’t know.” “Neither do I, but initially he wanted to be a pirate.” Somehow, you know just what he means…

These shows, Season 1 and this episode, have been a triumph for Gatiss and Moffat; for me, they’ve absolutely nailed the tone, the mysteries, the characterisation. And next week, it’s The Hound of the Baskerville. Genuinely not sure I could be much more excited. It’s true, I’ve got the Irene Adlers – I’m Sherlocked!


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