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February 17, 2012 / magickittenblogs

The Muppets – man, muppet or work of genius?


Am I a man, or am I a Muppet?
That’s the question hundreds (thousands?) of cinema-goers will be asking themselves after seeing The Muppets – what a fantastic film!

Just before I go on…
Anyone thinking of taking their children, do be aware; they’re not going to really make much of this if they haven’t already seen something Muppet-based, Muppet Christmas Carol at the very least. This is because the plot of the film centres around a man/muppet’s love for the original Muppet Show, and getting the Muppets together again, plus an awful lot of references and cameos from celebrities you’ll recognise if you’re around 18 and over but very possibly not otherwise. I won’t give them away, that’d be a shame, but we’re talking TV, musicians, film stars…

I’m pretty sure that BF and I were right in the target audience, however. I don’t think I could have had more fun. Jason Segel has done a fantastic job with the script – witty, quick, good-hearted too. There’s no fourth wall to speak of; it’s incredibly self-aware, which works really well. After his character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, you could tell he was happy to sing and work with puppets so he’s perfect as Gary. Amy Adams is brilliant too, as Mary – playing it straight but also very knowingly.

I was so excited when I heard Bret Mackenzie was writing the original songs; he’s credited as the Musical Supervisor. And I wasn’t disappointed! The songs are pure Conchords – if Man or Muppet doesn’t win the Oscar it’s up for, I’ll eat my hat! And I hear that Kermit and Miss Piggy are to present at the ceremony too – can’t wait. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack almost non-stop since my second viewing (yes, second) in less than a week.

See this film. Download the soundtrack. Genius. Kermit and Fozzie had a great time too!


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