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April 29, 2012 / magickittenblogs

Salmon Fishing In The Yemen changed my life (and wardrobe)

Two weeks ago today, I was lucky enough to go to a preview screening of Salmon Fishing In The Yemen, the new film starring Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt – probably the last ever film funded by the UK Film Council.

I really enjoyed the film, which turned out to be a gentle but intelligent romantic comedy, with hints of philosophy of the Field of Dreams variety (“if you flood it, they will swim”) and a little smidge of political satire – Kristen Scott Thomas plays a fantastic press officer with a nose for a good news story. 

However, what really caught my eye was Emily Blunt’s wardrobe, particularly once scene at the Scottish estate in which she’s wearing a navy dress with a flower print, with a coral/red v-neck jumper over the top. She looked BRILLIANT. This inspired me to do some bargaintastic wardrobe revamping, in time for the summer (or even spring, if it ever comes back). The resulting look could be called something like Preppy-Print, but I’m sure you can think of a better one if you try!

I was ably assisted in this venture by the Topshop sale, the ASOS 70% sale (plus an additional 10% off at the checkout by entering BONUS10 in the code box), Peacocks (yes, I know – unlikely but true) and the Vintage Fair in Culver Square, Colchester, yesterday.


This H&M coat was a paltry £10 from a stall at the Vintage Fair; it’s a bat-wing cape style, very thick and cwtchy with little pockets on the front and a gorgeous stripey lining.


This shift dress was from ASOS, originally River Island. The colour is ‘Rust’; I love the bow and sparkly gem detail at the next and over the openings in the pockets (one on each hip). I found a brilliant mid-brown woven leather belt in Topman which I’ll be wearing with this.


This is an ASOS original – 60s style shift dress with button detail on the waist.  It’s actually not a shift dress really – it’s very fitted; I’m going to pretend to be Joan from Mad Men when I wear this, but without the auburn hair and baby.


This little print vest was my Peacocks gem – I absolutely love the flower and bird design, it’s so intricate. I think it’ll look great with skinny jeans or my stone-brown turn-up chinos.


These three tops are all Topshop sale survivors – the loose sheer top, with white dots and gold buttons, will be worn over a plain black vest, maybe with black skinnies and gold gladiators when the weather gets a little better.  I’m currently wearing the coral v-neck jumper, but I’ve worn it over a navy Warehouse dress with a white hummingbird print and really liked it. And then finally a trusty white and navy stripe cardigan – this goes with practically anything, and will be worn over the top of basically any and all of my colourful or plain vests this summer.  I just can’t wait for the good weather so I can show off my Emily Blunt tribute.


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