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March 10, 2013 / magickittenblogs

On Mothers’ Day

So it occurs to me that today is really very important, up there with International Women’s Day. Which is not to say that being a mother is the essence of being a woman; it isn’t, and choosing not to have children is a perfectly acceptable choice, at least in my view. Sadly, others don’t always agree.

I find it really interesting now, at the age of 30, that more and more people are starting to ask me about my long-term relationship, where it’s going, should they be buying a hat? Will there be the pitter-patter on tiny feet? If I were male, would I get asked the same questions? The curious thing is that the questions, when they’re asked, are coming from others of ‘my generation’. I thought that traditional way of viewing a woman’s life had started to mellow, but maybe not.

Now, this is not to say that I wouldn’t want to be a mother, at some point. I had a lovely day yesterday with my friends and their two beautiful children. The 18-week-old little girl and I spent lots of time looking at (me) and chewing on (her) some toys and a really cute fabric book of baby dinosaurs, cuddling and dancing… Then the two-year-old boy and I went through every possible permutation of Mr Potato Head, were astronauts on a spacewalk, and read a story. I have the greatest respect for both my friends, and anyone who is a parents – it is absolutely a full-time job!

I guess the point is, everyone has (had) a mother. And they’re all (all the ones I’ve met anyway) doing a brilliant job in what can be very difficult circumstances. Money may well be tight, they may not have the support of a partner, there may be illness, the child may be an ungrateful teenager…! But all the mums I’ve ever known have been doing their best. That’s why I love my mum so much; despite whatever difficulty, and being only human, she’s always done everything she could for my sister and for me.

How amazing.

Happy Mothers’ Day.


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