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July 28, 2013 / magickittenblogs

Let’s go to the fun fair!

For the last few days, the “Spectacular” fun fair has been set up on the Recreation Ground just down the road from where I live, so I thought it’d be nice to pop round and see what was happening, perhaps try a few rides!

The Roller-Ghoster

This was our first ride, the Roller Ghoster – a nice gentle start to the trip, apart from the really loud noise as you emerge back into the light!




We then had a walk around and a look at the different stalls.  All the old favourites were there; no real rollercoasters of course, but a waltzer, some great ‘Enterprise’-style spinning rides, the dodgems, a haunted house ride and some nice things for young kids too – a bungee ride, and some inflatables.




Our next ride was this – it actually went so high that at one point we were *almost* vertical, or at least it felt like that!  I don’t think I screamed but there was definitely some nervous laughter!









The Waltzer

Do you know, though, the most traditional ride, The Waltzer, was most definitely the scariest?!  We were spinning so fast that we were glued to the back and head rests and there were definitely a few little screams going on from me and some extremely nervous laughter from Rob and Rich!







Pink Unicorn

Look what I won on the Hook-A-Duck stall! (Okay, technically it was hook-a-character and I hooked Darth Vader.)  It’s so fluffy!! I’m determined to get Rob to watch Despicable Me so he understands why I was so thrilled (and if you don’t understand either, just watch Despicable Me, all will become clear).



We had lots of fun at the fair, even if it was only little, and the Waltzer was definitely good preparation for our trip to Thorpe Park in August.

The rest of my photos are here – take a look!



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