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August 5, 2013 / magickittenblogs

House Beautiful(er)?

Ever feel like you’re living amongst so much stuff?  I do, all the time.

I’ve always been a collector of lovely little souvenirs, nicknacks, ornaments and all sorts, so wherever I live tends to get cluttered up pretty quickly.  I’m not quite at the TV-programme-intervention stage but when I have a moment, I try to keep things at least a little in order, because I can’t relax in a mess.  Plus, I live in a rented house, so there’s only so much I can do in terms of storage, and also in terms of decoration.  I have to use objects and pictures to create the atmosphere I’m looking for.

I was inspired by a couple of blog posts I read to investigate how to get rid of some clutter and add some pretty touches on a budget, so I’ve been to the twin pinnacles of interior design, TK Maxx and Wilkinson’s.  No, really – I found some really sweet things!

My bargain homeware haul, from TK Maxx and Wilkinson's

My bargain homeware haul, from TK Maxx and Wilkinson’s

Here’s my haul – a couple of printed picture canvases, which were on sale for £5 each, a cut-out bronze-toned metal heart decoration for the front window, for £3.50, plus some solar-powered fairy lights for the garden; all these were from Wilkinson’s.  Then, a wonderful treasure chest style storage box (£10) and a picture frame (£6) from TK Maxx.

Treasure chest storage box, £10, TK Maxx

Treasure chest storage box, £10, TK Maxx

Frame, £6, TK Maxx and postcard, 60p, Paperchase

Frame, £6, TK Maxx and postcard, 60p, Paperchase


I’ve used the treasure chest to hide my collection of scarves, purses and clutch bags which get dropped off on the table by our front door – I love the way it looks and it means I’m not spreading out and taking over the table too much!  The children in the picture frame were swiftly replaced with a postcard I bought from Paperchase for 60p, of The Owl and The Pussy Cat setting off to sea in their beautiful pea-green boat, and the picture and frame are now up on a display shelf in our dining room.

Stone hearts canvas, £5, Wilkinson's

Stone hearts canvas, £5, Wilkinson’s

Beach huts canvas, £5, Wilkinson's

Beach huts canvas, £5, Wilkinson’s

We’re lucky enough to have picture rails in our dining room and sitting room, so even though we can’t put up picture hooks, we can still hang pictures from the rails.  I have the small canvas showing stone hearts in our dining room, and the canvas of beach huts is now in our sitting room, above our television.  I love the seaside so I can sit on our settee and imagine the sea washing back and forth.

My next project is to find some large clip frames and create some postcard collages, to hang in the spaces where we don’t have pictures or bookcases at the moment…

What do you do to decorate your house or flat on a budget?  I’d love some tips!


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