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August 7, 2013 / magickittenblogs

The Lucky 13 Bag, from firstsite

Summer Lucky 13 Bag

Summer Lucky 13 Bag


In Colchester, we’re lucky enough to have a (fairly) new and really excellent art gallery and creative space called firstsite.  While it may not have completely finished surroundings on the outside (it’s in an area known as the Creative Quarter, which is in the middle of being regenerated at the moment), they have some great exhibitions and events there.  I recently went along to their Summer Celebration, complete with a Pimms on entry and free barbecue, to look around the gallery and enjoy some live music on a balmy evening.


While I was there, I spotted a stand covered in little green and white bags and straight away I was intrigued.  I snapped one up for a pound and brought it home to play with… Here’s what I found:

Look at all these great things to get creative with

Look at all these great things to get creative with

It’s a kit to create your own unique wristband, with more ideas about what to add.  The concept and design is by firstsite Associate Artist Jacqueline Davies.  What a great idea for young people (and slightly less young ones like me) to encourage a bit of creativity and individuality over the summer.

Do you have a favourite creative place to visit, or any creative crafty projects you’re in the midst of?


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