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About Kate

I’m on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram – please have a look!  I also blog, and podcast, about books and more for Adventures With Words.  I have a special interest in YA/childrens’ books, but I read all sorts.

I’m a geek.  I like all things cultural (apart from Romantic period music and German opera) and most things sporty (apart from the horrible misogyny that accompanies it, and darts, and horse-racing).  And did I mention I’m a feminist? Oh dear god, no!

I do a lot of reading, watching of films and television programmes and sometimes I get to the theatre too.  I go to art galleries and museums, concerts, festivals and sporting events.  I may well tell you about these things.

I also teach people. Teenagers. Yes, they’re people too. So, sometimes I get cross about the stupid things that the Government do, because I have a high sense of moral outrage and injustice.

When I get a chance, I even write things. And take faux-arty photos using Hipstamatic and Instagram.

You have been warned.

Kate x

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  1. Just Try Things / Sep 11 2013 5:46 pm

    Hello 🙂 I really enjoy following your blog so I chose you as one of my nominees for the Liebster Award. – – Hope to read your replies soon! let me know. Have a great day!

    • magickittenblogs / Sep 11 2013 5:51 pm

      Thanks so much – that’s really kind of you! I’ll have to think who I’ll nominate too

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